The Lack of Black Women in 'Get Out' Means More Than You Think

There's levels to this.

If you're reading this and haven't seen Get Out, stop right now. Everything that follows are spoilers and mind-blowing plot twists that you're just not ready for. Don't do it to yourself. Go see the movie then come back and join the conversation. Trust me, there are so many different discussions about this film, we're sure we'll be talking about this for weeks to come.

Ok, now that we've temporarily gotten rid of the have nots, let's dive into this topic. At this point some of us have seen Jordan Peele's directorial debut more than once and remain blown away by the layers of the story and symbolism that speak to America's racial history. It's understandable to walk out of this movie and think it was about the relationship that Black men have with white people, but like with the rest of the film, there are small nuances of how Black women fit in this narrative and society. The two point five, yes 2.5, Black women in Get Out are a maid, sassy Black cop and a single Black mother but behind these stereotypical depictions of Black women, are some messages acknowledging the Black female experience in America.

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