Want a Tattoo For the Free Free? Find Out How You Can Win a Cover Up From Your Favorite 'Black Ink Crew' Tattoo Artist

The steps to win are super easy, plus you get a sneaky getaway to NYC.

Do you have a permanent reminder of someone who basically doesn't exist to you anymore? Welp, there's a tat for that and you could win one for $Free.99!

They say that you live with the scars you choose, but what if you chose to have the wrong one inked on you? You're just in luck because VH1 is offering you the opportunity to rewrite your past, or get it covered-up. Whether the tat represented a moment/person that is no longer significant to you or it's just flat-out trash, the Black Ink Crew Cover Up Sweepstakes is giving you all a chance (really a second one) to replace it with a whole new tat from your favorite Black Ink tattoo artist.

How do you enter? It's super simple! Just follow these steps below:

1. Post a photo of your tattoo regret to Instagram or Twitter.

2. Hashtag #BICCoverUp and #Sweepstakes.

BOOM. I did say super simple, right? As long as you have a smart phone, laptop, iPad, tablet or whatever, you're good! Once you enter, you can check out the live content feed where you can share photos and vote on others to offer your two-cents on whether other participants should "COVER" or "KEEP" their tats. The user with the most votes will win a free trip to NYC including airfare and full hotel accommodations. How dope is that?

Hurry, people! You have until October 11th to share your tattoo tribulation. Head over to to check for sweepstakes updates.