New Team, New Space, Who Dis? Ryan Finds a New Location For 9Mag After Trashing the Old One

He got that new new!

Even if getting super duper freaky isn't your thing, getting blindfolded by your man can lead to a number of different scenarios. Rachel clearly didn't know what to expect when Ryan blindfolded her to reveal his latest surprise.

She thought Ryan bought her a house (which is fair considering that he got her a Mercedes for Mother's Day), but instead it's just a beat up store front.

With the old 9Mag riddled with bullet holes after Ryan trashed it, his next move was to buy a new and improved space to grow a new and improved team. Rachel is less than enthused, but can muster up "I mean...okay." But once Ryan starts talking about his big plans for the shop she's on board.

Watch the clip above to see how he sold her on his vision.

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