Nikki Baby Reveals She's Dating Rosa Acosta, But Still Wants Safaree To Be Her Dirty Little Secret

"I may not have told Rosa the whole truth but until we decide that we want to be exclusive, I don't want to tell her every little detail..."

Nikki always keeps a bad one with her, that's twelve things about her.

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Nikki may be double-dutching between Safaree and Rosa Acosta, but she's not letting Rosa know that in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight. They started off as friends, but Nikki couldn't help but take things to the next level. Rosa is beginning to feel a closer bond with Nikki and wants her all to herself. Nikki hasn't told Rosa about Safaree yet because she's weighing her options and still having fun. Mumz the word until she decides she wants to be exclusive with the beautiful Ms. Acosta.

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