Denzel Washington Is 'Very Funny,' Says Wife Pauletta

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By Lauren Thompson

Denzel Washington is known for his intense, emotional, Academy Award winning roles in films like Glory, and Training Day and last year's nominated Flight. But in this weekend's 2 Guns, you might be surprised to see him cracking jokes opposite Mark Wahlberg. Does he have a comedic talent that's been untapped until now? VH1 asked him what he thought about audience reaction to his funny side at last night's red carpet for the movie.

“Do I think it’s a big deal? I’m just hearing about it the first time from you, I don’t know!” Seems like Denzel doesn’t think we should be so shocked.

But wife Pauletta jumped in and shared her thoughts on the subject. “I can see why people would think that because of all the intense characters he’s played, but really Denzel, Denzel is funny, very funny,” she told us. And incidentally, it was sweet to see the long-married couple make their way down the carpet together, just weeks after allegations that he'd cheated on her popped up in the tabloids.

We'd like to think he smoothed things over at home with a dose of this humor Pauletta's talking about.

When asked whether he thinks he's funny, he responded with a comical face and laugh. “You heard it here!”

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