Blac Chyna Had An All-Out Snapchat War With Former BFF Heather Sanders

A snap heard around the world.

Blac Chyna had an all out verbal war last night on snapchat with her former BFF Heather Sanders. Sanders, who is currently dating Tyga’s best friend and Last Kings partner King Trell, took to the social media app with her boo, claiming to be clowning each other's hairline. This is where the war begins.

Apparently, Blac Chyna must have thought Heather was talking about her. She responds aggressively claiming that Heather has a “fat a** gut” and “big a** thighs.”

Heather notices Blac’s response and quickly claps back stating, “We’ve been waiting for you.” She continues. “Why would I be talking about your hairline… I could start from your titties to your a**, inner thigh, knee, ankle, teeth, nose, eyebrow…”

Heather then back tracks and claims that the hairline joke wasn't targeted towards Chyna, “You thought we were talking about you and we weren’t… You are so hurt. I know you are. So drunk and on drugs…You have all these houses, all these cars, but you are still so hurt and lonely inside. You’re a f**ked up person and it’s sad.”

Instead of ending it there, Chyna responds with more shade including snaps showing off her curves and body purring, “Maybe one day you too can look like this.”

At this point they are at all out war.

“I could show you just how psychotic I really am. You could bring whoever,” Blac says. “You are a psycho b**ch. You are a weirdo ass b**ch,” Heather retaliates. The Snapchats end after Heather says Blac’s butt looks like a Dave & Buster’s ball, and Blac just laughs it off.

There banter continuous in what seems to be an infinite amount of snaps. All we can really take from this is that their friendship is definitely over. Kylie Jenner who is friends with Heather Sanders and dating Chyna's ex hasn't yet given her thoughts on the matter.