Babes, Blunts and Bongs: Celebrate 4/20 With The Celebrities That Make Smoking Weed Look Sexy


Miley Cyrus at the EMAs

Anna Faris Smiley Face

Lady Gaga Weed

James Franco Pineapple Express

Cameron Diaz Bad Teacher

Brad Pitt True Romance

Alicia Silverstone Clueless

Bridget Fonda Jackie Brown

Kristen Stewart On The Road

Mila Jovovich Dazed and Confused

Wiz Khalifa Cara Delevingne_weed

Rita Ora And Snoop Dogg

Mary Kate Olsen Weeds

Meryl Streep Its Complicated

Molly Ringwald The Breakfast Club

Ke$ha and Snoop Lion at the MTV Movie Awards

Vanessa Hugens Spring Breakers

Jay Z Holy Grail

Mark Wahlberg Ted

It's 4/20, so you know what that means. Lots of weed smoking for those who partake. While we don't encourage drug use, marijuana is creeping ever closer to being legalized all over the place, so there's no harm in celebrating the many celebrities who have taken a toke in their everyday lives, or on the big screen.

From kush queen Rihanna to Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and even Meryl Streep, many a celebrity has smoked weed on screen, or in their real life. In many cases, art imitates life (or the other way around?), and many of the celebs smoking on screen have been caught in reality too. And then there's just those celebrities that don't give a toss and fill their Instagrams with pot paraphernalia. After the jump check out our slideshow of sexy celebrities puffing on the magic dragon...