Natalie's Date, Darius, Has Us All Wondering "WTF Are You Talking About" In These 'Dating Naked' Bloopers

"Is that like a regular question, bro or did you come up with that off the top of your head?"

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]Natalie and David certainly have had some awkward dates so far, but not as awkward as these Dating Naked bloopers. "Space case" doesn't begin to describe Natalie's date, Darius, who seemingly is not all there. From asking the group which animal they would like to be to wondering if a sand crab is battery operated, Darius certainly needs to tighten up some very loose screws. Natalie has her spaced out moments too, seeing as how she can't manage to remember her date's name (David is your co-dater and Zack is your keeper). David had a good time with Sarah eating snails, but not for nothing, Georgie's infectious laugh has "keeper" written all over it.

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