Who Is Miles AKA Siir Brock from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Get to know the newest <I>Love & Hip Hop Hollywood</I> cast member!

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Miles AKA Siir Brock, 27, is one of the newest faces to join the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast but the rapper has been in the game for a while now. As we get to know Miles and his boyfriend Milan Christopher, let's find out who he is, where he came from, and who he's worked with!

We've got the #FACTS for you right here.

Miles AKA Siir Brock was a member of a boy band

Miles was in the West Coast R&B boy group Marz Boiz for seven years before they disbanded and he went solo. Miles told VH1 he took the moniker "Siir Brock" from his days with the Marz Boiz.

Miles AKA Siir Brock has several degrees

Miles has degrees in both Math and Sciences and Social and Behavioral Sciences. He's one smart cookie. According to Miles, he is still currently pursuing a medical degree but music is his first passion.

Miles AKA Siir Brock and Amber are high school sweet hearts

Miles and Amber go way back. Their story is complicated but these two were high school boyfriend-girlfriend turned family.