9 Surprising Facts About Dr. Jenn Berman

Our favorite TV therapist, Dr. Jenn Berman, is such a professional, that after five seasons on Couples Therapy, we realized we barely know the woman. We had to fix that. After having a pretty in-depth conversation with her, we learned that this woman has an incredible back story, a family with a legacy of their own, and some seriously hidden talents that you'd never know about from watching her show. Read on to find out about her famous family, her legacy as a medal-winning gymnast and more!

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8. Dr. Jenn herself, however, didn't inherit the music gene.

"I am not at all musical. The only song I ever wrote was when I was 7 or 8 with my dad."

7. She loves the Piano Man.

"I love Billy Joel. I am a hardcore Billy Joel fan. I was just in DC for a concert. Billy Joel actually --- my parents with they won two Grammys in I think it was 1985, and he presented them. That was almost more exciting to me than them winning the Grammys. I got to meet him, there's a picture of me with crimped hair at Roy Orbison's Grammy party in 1985. I'm never starstruck but when I was 15 and met Billy Joel, I stammered."

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6. Her current music obsession is Pink.

I love Pink's "Just Give Me A Reason."

"I was on the national gymnastics team for five years and I performed exhibitions in the 1984 Olympics, I traveled all over the world and I competed in a number of international competitions, I lived that life for a long time. I was a very high level athlete and by the time I retired I was training 50 hours a week."

3. She was named after her dad's therapist.

"I was named after my dad's doctor, but what I didn't know until after I was already a therapist is that I was named for his therapist! I think he started seeing her when he was about 18 or 19. I come from a very therapy savvy family, they're big believers in therapy."

Talking about Tori & Dean's marital crisis, sex addiction and infidelity on @enews. Will air tomorrow.— Dr. Jenn Berman (@DrJennBerman) January 27, 2014

2. Her guilty TV pleasures are Oprah and Tori.

"I love Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and her Master Class. I watch Tori and Dean, but that's a little work, a little guilty pleasure!"

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1. Some of her favorite patients are the rappers and musicians who have appeared on Couples Therapy.

"I really dig working with my rappers. They usually come in and they've never had therapy, they're like, 'What is this s---? I don't want to do this!' and then at the end they're like 'This was the most amazing experience of my life!' I love that. I love DMX crying in my arms. He still says it was one of the greatest things that he ever did and I love that."

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