Amy Schumer Gloriously Checked Chris Harrison for Stepping Out of Line on 'The Bachelor' Last Night

She was not pleased. (And neither were we.)

Nicki Minaj once rapped, "I'm quick to check a bitch if she outta line," and it appears Amy Schumer lives by these words. How do we know this? Because The Bachelor's Chris Harrison stepped out of line last night, and Schumer checked him. Gloriously.

Here is what went down. Schumer was apparently watching Harrison's chat with former Bachelor contestant Jubilee on the Women Tell All special Monday night. Jubilee opened up about her experience with hottie du jour Ben Higgins, saying, "Ben was everything that I thought he was. You know, he didn't see me and my complicated past as a huge obstacle." Harrison responded to this by saying, "I know you can't control how complicated you are...You might be complicated, and I know you stir the pot sometimes, but I hope you realize you're a pretty special woman, and I really appreciate you coming here and opening up the way you did."

Schumer wasn't pleased with Harrison's rhetoric. Why should Jubilee have to apologize for having a past and nuances? The Trainwreck star thought this, too, so she called Harrison out on Twitter:

Harrison received the messages. He tweeted back to Schumer, "I'm 82% sure I said and supported all these points as well." The two then made an appointment to talk about this brouhaha over wine. "I'll bring the I'm drinking all the wine," Schumer tweeted.

Let's hope this face-to-face actually happens. Even if it doesn't, Harrison learned a big lesson: Don't tick off Lady Schumer.

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