Savage Twitter Thinks 'Fuller House''s Mary-Kate and Ashley Shade Is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

The twins were dissed in the first five minutes. Twitter fingers ensued.

Twitter, you dirty dog, you.

You knew Fuller House would make a jab at the Olsen twins, and when it did you ate it up like a surf and turf meal at the Ritz. Barbarians.

And yes, the oh so obvious shade within the first few minutes of the show's premiere last night was completely and utterly intentional by show creator Jeff Franklin, who tells MTV News he thinks this hardy har moment was meant in good fun and is one he thinks the Olsens will appreciate.

Well, we don't know if they will, but the rest of the living universe certainly is.

Here's what happened. Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) asks Danny (Bob Saget) where her little sis is, and he replies: “Well, Michelle sends her love. But she’s busy in New York, running her fashion empire.” Then the cast BROKE THE FOURTH WALL, stared straight into our (and Mary-Kate and Ashley's) souls for a good 10-plus seconds. If the twins didn't know what they did by declining to join the reboot, they do now.

Watch the scene here:

And see fans who are eating this up, tirelessly awaiting for any more MK & A shade that will make their worlds go 'round.

Tyler commends the savageness.

Anne sipped this shade like a fine wine.

Lyndsey got technical with her shade praise.

Sydney's shade love is blind to spelling.

Lacy gives shade a creative name.

Mike is just straight-up about his shade love.

This is the highlight of Casey's life.

Actually, of Lexi's life.

Hayley is so passionate, she needed to screenshot the shade.

Same with Alabama Bromo, who will forever reflect on the shade, frozen in time.

Emoji enthusiast Lauren can't get enough of the shade.

Now tip your hats to this ride-or-die fan and one-man army: