Exclusive: Ceaser Says His Relationship With Karlie Is a Wrap, Says He Felt Played By Her... Oh, and She Lied About Being Celibate

"When we went and made the announcement, she had my --- how can I say this and be polite, um --- she just finished giving me fellatio."

This reality TV thing got a little too real for Ceaser recently when Karlie Redd allegedly pulled up to his crib with her people looking for Tommie Lee.

In this exclusive interview with VH1, Ceaser put his workout on pause to speak with us about where his relationship currently stands with Karlie Redd. According to the Black Ink owner, it's currently nonexistent as he explains the many reasons why. Apparently, Sky's loyalty to Karlie was put into question when she showed up to Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss' birthday party with Ms. Redd's nemesis, Tommie and warned Sky not to be friends with her.

Oh, and remember when Karlie told The Ed Lova Show that she and her beau at the time were practicing celibacy? Ceaser claims that too is false as he proceeded to spill hot tea all over our laps. We're still suffering from third degree burns. Check out what really went down as told by Cease in detail and exhale a little first to cool down this cup.

Well, we're happy that Ceaser is now in a better place, trying to take over the game one shop opening at a time.

In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta bonus clip, Ceaser presses Karlie on why she would invite him to a party knowing her ex would be there, too.