Raven-Symoné Backtracks on Name Discrimination Comments + More Monday Talk

Plus, Joe Gorga blames Joe Giudice for Teresa's jail time.

The View co-host Raven-Symoné found herself in hot water last week when she said she would discriminate against someone if he or she had a "ghetto" name. “I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea. It’s just not 'gonna happen," Raven quipped on the show, followed by a bout of nervous laughter.

Well, it looks like the former Disney star caught wind no one else found her comment funny, because she posted a very direct apology on her Facebook page Sunday night.

"My comment was in poor taste," she wrote. "My lack of empathy towards name discrimination was uncalled for....As an equal opportunity employer, I have never discriminated against a name....even though I said I would, it's not true."

Do y'all think Raven's apology is sincere, or is she simply backtracking in light of harsh criticism? Let us know in the comments. [E! Online]

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