How Fetty Wap Avoided the One-Hit Wonder Trap

May the world forever know what the hell 1738 means.

Many of you thought that Fetty Wap would be a one-hit wonder. Welp, he's not. He avoided that trap queen. Phew.

Fetty hasn't even released his debut album and he's already broken records on the Billboard charts. For those of you who thought that he wouldn't — or couldn't, Fetty has proved you wrong, releasing new music all summer and winning over artists and regular old people like us. Here's how Fetty escaped the one-hit wonder label.

It started when Kanye brought him out.

Yeezus blessed Fetty by bringing him out during his performance at Roc Nation's Roc City Classic.

"Trap Queen" became an instant jam,

How many hours of airplay do we think it's accrued?

Winning over pretty much everyone,

Ed Sheeran couldn't resist covering.

Including music's Royal Family,

Jay Z and Beyonce bopping to "Trap Queen" keeps me young.

... and Taylor Swift (?).

Fetty appeared on the Seattle stop of Tay's 1989 World Tour in August.

Fetty kept on dropping new hits,

Keeping on that grind.

One of which Drake remixed,

Drizzy remixed Fetty's "My Way."

And eventually, Fetty broke records on the Billboard charts.

He became the first artist to chart his first four releases in the top 10 of Billboard's Hot Rap Songs chart simultaneously.

He performed at summer festivals,

Here he is at Hot 97's Summer Jam.

Won his first award from Music Choice,

He also won the award for "Artist To Watch" at this year's VMAs.

and became an inspiration to kids.


All kinds of kids, that is.

Ah, well.

Stay tuned for the release of Fetty's debut album, out next week.