Lenny S. is Wondering Why Ren Thomas Paused Mid-Rap During His Final Make-or-Break Performance in the SIGNED' Sneak Peek

"Why did he stop just now?"

The moguls have prepped the contestants for this final performance but it's looking like the pressure is becoming a little bit too much for Ren Thomas to handle.

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In the SIGNED sneak peek, Tay Walker puts on a panty-dropping performance that is so wet, the ladies begin to throw their unmentionables on the stage. Hella females made it rain drawers on your boy and the moguls along with Meek look extremely impressed. CozyWithTheCurls steps up to the mic next and "whoa whoa" he shakes up the stage. His dance moves coupled with his level of crunk has the whole room vibing to his hook. Rick Ross even had to take off his signature sunglasses in awe of Cozy's unexpected back-flip. If they didn't take Cozy seriously before they definitely do now. Ren Thomas bursts out the gate with energy on ten but through the excitement of his set he finds himself stopping mid-rap, leaving Lenny S. with the burning question, "why did he stop just now?"

Looks like you all will need to tune in next week to find out why Ren hit pause and what Tay did to have the ladies looking like this.

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Yea, she ready. Don't miss the season finale of SIGNED, next Wednesday at 9/8c!