Fizz Warns Moniece About Lil Brandi And Jason Lee's Plan To Release Her Sex Tape In This Week's Sneak Peek

"If this tape ever got out, I can't imagine how embarrasing and devastating it would be for my son."

This won't end well, at all...

Fizz tells Moniece about Lil' Brandi's plan for revenge in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek. Fizz may have moved out of his baby mama's house, but he still finds himself involved in her drama. Moniece's latest stunt at her own listening party unleashed the beast in Brandi. Brandi linked up with Jason Lee to get her hands on an allegedly pretty good sex tape to destroy Moniece, ending their feud once and for all. While Mo is ready for anything, she is a little lost as to what sex tape Jason has and who even recorded it. As a mother, Moniece is appalled Brandi would even stoop that low by releasing something that will affect her son, Kam, as well. Fizz is usually one to mind his business, but now that Kam can be a causality in this war, Jason may need to reconsider some thangs.

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