Mimi Says Stevie Has Too Many Child Custody Cases Open To Worry About Eva

Mimi Faust isn't living with any regrets. Since the release of she and Nikko's sextape she's not concerned with negative opinions or passed judgments, including those of her baby daddy Stevie J. Mimi talks about how she plans to deal with her daughter Eva when the time comes, and comments on Stevie's threats to gain custody:

VH1: People want to know how will you explain everything that has happened to your daughter Eva? What's your worse fear as it relates to her and the decisions you've made?

Mimi Faust: I don’t have any fears about it. Like, really there’s gonna be a whole lot worse things that I’m gonna have to explain to my daughter, besides mommy making love to her man. What about when she has to go to high school and there are kids stabbing other kids in school? Or the fear of getting shot up in school? There’s so many other worse, horrible things in this world that I will have to sit down and explain to Eva then this.

As mother you don't see why some would see you and Nikko's decisions questionable, considering you do have a young daughter?

I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything that was out the way. I’m not on there with several different men or strangers. I’m making love to my man who I'm still with. Eva knows Nikko very well, they have a great relationship. Nikko actually said 'I will sit down with you and we can talk to her about it when the time comes if she comes to you and asks questions about it.' So he did offer to do that with me.

Kids are sharp these days, will you be proactive in your approach or wait until she comes to you?

Well, she’s only four so I have some time to decide, you know, how I’m gonna handle it. Like at this point she’s four, she’s in Pre-K.

Stevie seems pretty serious about trying to get custody of Eva, is he more bark than bite?

He can’t, like he’s already going through a custody case with his other two children. So, it would be ridiculous and asinine. He's not even doing what he needs to do for those, but you’re gonna try and take this one? Yeah, more bark than bite absolutely.

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