VH1 Style Points: Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne Outshone Everyone At The Oscars

Awards season fashion-judging is almost more fun than watching the awards themselves (definitely the case with Sunday's flat, terribly un-PC Oscars ceremony). For your armchair fashion policing pleasure, we created a Style Points race to track how the fashions of the following high wattage stars stacked up during Awards Season: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Eddie RedmayneAmanda Seyfried, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington.

This week, our chi-chi fashion panel —including Yahoo! Entertainment New York bureau chief Breanne Heldman, Glamour’s online style editor Nikki Ogunnaike, MTV Style's Maud Deitch, and our own Ambika Muttoo— weighed in on the contestants’ looks at the Oscars. What we learned: Jessica Chastain, with her poured-on gown and cheekbones like icebergs, owned the night…and Anne Hathaway's weirdo nipple darts were her fatal flaw.  

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

1. Jessica Chastain

Ambika:+ 4 "Jessica looked like an Old Hollywood star in her Armani Privé custom gown, especially with the red lips and side-swept Veronica Lake curls."

Maud Deitch:+4 "This gown was made for Jessica Chastain. The fit is truly something to aspire to -- it looks like it was painted on, and yet it isn't too tight."

Breanne L. Heldman: +5 "Best dressed by a landslide! Every single bead seemed to be working in cohesion to show off Jessica's best assets. And the bright red lip helped her not fade into the flesh-toned frock. Someone deserves a medal for this."

Nikki Ogunnaike: +4 "Chastain said she chose this gown because it reminded her of Old Hollywood glamour, which duh, is right up her alley. Honorable mention goes to the soft waves and bold red lip."

2. Eddie Redmayne

Ambika: +4 "Classic Alexander McQueen tux, but unlike Bradley, Eddie's wearing the hell out of it." 

Maud Deitch: +4 "Two words: Velvet loafers. Eddie isf lawless in McQueen, and so British. He's officially won our hearts."

Breanne L. Heldman: +3 "We're not going to say this was Eddie's best red carpet moment of the season, but he was the most consistently solid. He's a handsome fella and dresses like one. Is that so hard, Hollywood?"

Nikki Ogunnaike: + 4 "If there's ever a time to not wear velvet, it's the Oscars. So I'm happy Eddie Redmayne opted for this traditional black Alexander McQueen tux. Watch out Bradley, you've got some serious competition." 

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Ambika: +4 "I wasn't jumping for joy for this Dior ball gown. But because she made falling on the stairs seem so cute I gave her a resounding thumbs up."

Maud Deitch: +5 "Jennifer won the Oscars for me. She looked beautiful, stuck to her trusty Dior, and even took succumbing to the challenges of a dress like this with incredible poise, grace, and humor."

Breanne L. Heldman: +2 "I'm not always a fan of dresses that look like wedding gowns on the red carpet. Bonus points for the backwards necklace and fab hair though."

Nikki Ogunnaike: +2 "This dress is my favorite in her string of Dior awards show season gowns, but it's a WHOLE lot of a dress. She's incredibly endearing so I can't hate on her, but I prefer the actress in form-fitting gowns."

85th Annual Academy Awards - Post Show Departures

4. Bradley Cooper

Ambika: +2 "Classic black Tom Ford tux, but the trousers were ill-fitted. I also didn't like the slicked back hair and the facial scruff."

Maud Deitch: +3 "So much beard, Bradley! No, but I loved his custom Tom Ford three piece suit. Just the right combination of elegant and rakish."

Breanne L. Heldman: +2 "He looked great, but needed a haircut like nobody's business. And I had to deduct a point for his mom's unfortunate ensemble as. Arm candy counts as an accessory, right?"

Nikki Ogunnaike: + 5 "Swoon. Bradley Cooper hit the red carpet in a double-breasted suit with his mother on his arm. Toss in that scruffy beard and I was all the way sold."

5. Kerry Washington

Ambika:+ 4 "I'm all for Kerry's custom Miu Miu. Love the bodice embellishment with the vibrant coral of the skirt! And the pops of color from her Prada clutch and pumps complemented the gown."

Maud Deitch: +3 "Kerry's bright, whimsical Miu Miu and her center part are two things we didn't see a lot of at the Oscars. I'm impressed with the risks she took all season."

Breanne L. Heldman: +1 "She can do no wrong when it comes to styling — her hair and makeup are forever flawless. But this Miu Miu dress felt a little cluttered on the top and wrinkled on the bottom."

Nikki Ogunnaike: +3 "It was Kerry's second time wearing Miu Miu on the red carpet and she knocked it out of the park. I love the way the coral pops against her skin and the beading adds a bit of oomph."

6. Amanda Seyfried

Ambika: +3.5 "I'm a sucker for McQueen so this soft, delicate gown by the brand gets my vote. Love the silver embroidery! She would've scored higher if her hair hadn't looked so dated and matronly."

Maud Deitch: +4 "Amanda looks like an intergalactic goddess in her Alexander McQueen. It's absolutely stunning on her, such a great fit and an unusual color." 

Breanne L. Heldman: –2 "Another case of a major couture gown totally not fitting. Amanda is just too good for this mess of a dress. And the color put me to sleep."

Nikki Ogunnaike: +2 "While others may think the color washed her out, I liked it! She called it 'the one from the beginning' and I think she made a solid choice." 

7. Anne Hathaway

Ambika: +2.5 "I asbsolutely adored her hair and makeup, but her Prada gown was so underwhelming. The fit was completely wonky around the stomach."

Maud Deitch:+3 "Fantastic hair. She's conjuring Princess Diana's iconic cut with her long side swept bangs, and I just love it."

Breanne L. Heldman: -5 " The Prada dress looked like a cheap dress a seventh grader would wear to a school dance. With those unfortunate darts, she resembled a fembot about to shoot anyone who stood in the path of her statuette. Awfulness all around."

Nikki Ogunnaike: 0 "Not her finest look -- those darts are rather unfortunate. But I do like the pink color."

—by Tia Williams

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