Marcellus Impresses The Moguls With His Live Performance in This 'SIGNED' Highlight Clip

Could he be the closest contestant to get SIGNED?

It's proven pretty difficult to impress all three of The Moguls, but that's just what Marcellus did in his first live performance for The-Dream, Lenny S. and Rick Ross.

The Houston rapper started off his performance real calm as he walked across the stage starting to rap, but once the beat dropped and he was jumping, the audience began to play off the vibe. One audience member in particular, The-Dream, stood up and started bopping along which TBH is the ultimate seal of approval from the harshest mogul. Even Nilly had to give Marcellus credit for his amazing performance, while hoping that it wouldn't send him home. It looks like Marcellus took The-Dream's famous words, "Only YOU can f--k this up!" to heart because he killed it and clearly this performance is what secured his spot on Lenny's LA trip.

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