First Dibs: Philip Seymour Hoffman Has Been Snorting Heroin?!?!

Was Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean, almost Bella Swan? Who is Michael Fassbender getting cozy with in London? And will Will Smith be king of the summer box office again?

  • Acclaimed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman just got out of a detox program because he was snorting heroin. The actor had a problem with substance abuse decades ago, but relapsed after becoming hooked on prescription medication. []

  • The Twilight films ended just last year, but can you imagine how different they would have been had Frances Bean Cobain had played Bella Swan? According her mom, Courtney Love, a then 13 year old Frances was offered a chance to vie for the role. [Huffington Post]

  • Michael Fassbender might be filming the new X-Men film in Montreal, but he's frequently flying back to London to romance new girlfriend Louise Hazel. Louise was a heptathlete in the last Olympic games and came in 27th place. [US Magazine]

  • Will Smith used to be king of the summer blockbuster, but it looks like he's getting lapped by The Rock and Vin Diesel. Smith's latest action flick, After Earth, opens today and looks like it will finish behind Fast & Furious 6 at the box office. [MTV]
  • [Photo Credit: Getty Images]