I'm Gonna Need To See That Again: Who Shot Jelena Howard?

We all know that Jelena had it coming...

The season three finale of Hit The Floor was nothing short of jaw-dropping. While the episode was filled with heartwarming moments such as Derek's proposal to Ahsha and Jude and Zero agreeing to move in together, the episode left many storylines at a turning point. Will Lionel and Pete escape from Oscar's locked garage? Did Ahsha change her mind about eloping with Derek? What is the fate of Jude and Zero's relationship? One question left unanswered was the one during the final scene which left everyone gasping and wondering "Who shot Jelena?!"

Looking back on all the events leading up to this moment, it's clear that Jelena was transforming into the new Oscar – powerful, manipulative, and heartless. Jelena destroyed everyone and everything in her path to secure her place as the sole owner of the Devils. With each person having been burned by Jelena in some way, each one has a motive to want her out picture. Let's take a look at where everyone was when Jelena got shot as we try to narrow down the list of possible suspects. Be sure to cast your vote here!


When we last saw Kyle it was when she revealed Raquel's video to Pete, Sloane, Derek, and Ahsha. Although Kyle is good friends with Jelena, her whereabouts are not accounted for during the time of Jelena's shooting.

Lionel and Pete

When we last saw this former couple, Lionel was upset with Pete for having ruined her plan to escape her marriage from Oscar. After locking themselves in the garage, it's not likely they could have escaped in time to shoot Jelena…but stranger things have happened.


Derek was waiting in a limo for Ahsha so that the two of them could run off to Las Vegas and get married. Fed up with Ahsha running late, it's possible that Derek returned to Devils Arena to look for her.


While Derek was left waiting for Ahsha, she was at Devils Arena receiving a cautionary warning from Terrence about Jelena. Considering all the ways Jelena has hurt Ahsha and her family over the last year or so, it wouldn't be a surprise if Ahsha decided to finally settle the score, once and for all.

Jude and Zero

With Jelena now in control of the Devils, she made it very clear that her first order of business was trading Zero to another team. With Zero possibly leaving and Jude deciding to stay behind to look out for Lionel, Jelena has come in between this couple. In order to protect their relationship (and the future of the Devils), did Jude and Zero take matters into their own hands?


Terrence's heart was completely broken when Jelena not only took the Devils for herself but ended her relationship with him. As much as Terrence was devastated, he was also very angry. Is it possible he took his anger out on Jelena by shooting her?


Once German was released from prison (thanks to Raquel's video confession), he told Ahsha that he needed some time away from the Devils. Like Kyle, his whereabouts are not accounted for during the time of Jelena's shooting. Is German still continuing to protect Ahsha? Once a killer, always a killer?


Lastly, there is Oscar who has been known to have been involved in Mia's murder. When the team was snatched up from him by Jelena, Lionel called Pete in a panic. Although Oscar's initial target was Sloane, it's possible that he attempted to take back what was once his by removing Jelena from the equation.

Who do you think shot Jelena? What did you think of the Hit The Floor finale? Share your thoughts/comments below!