These New and Diverse Barbies Are Great, But Where Is Dad Bod Ken?

We cannot deprive little girls of playing with IG model Ivan much longer.

Barbie is making a comeback and she's bringing a squad of multicultural women with her.

Mattel announced today via TIME magazine that their iconic Barbie doll will now come in a variety of skin tones and three new sizes—petite, tall and curvy. Mattel's announcement marks the end of a two-year effort, code-named Project Dawn, to revamp Barbie to better speak to today's consumer. Global General Manager of Barbie Evelyn Mazzocco said that the project was inspired by "softness in sales," social media reactions to an "out of touch" Barbie and millenial mothers wanting their children to play with more diverse dolls.

In an effort to make the Barbies more realistic, Mattel designed the tall and curvy figures to have larger feet and also noted that the clothes won't fit perfectly across all of the dolls anymore.

These new Barbies deserve all of the praise. Not only do they represent women of varying cultures, they also have trendsetters and fashionistas like that blue-haired Barbie who may or may not have been modeled after Kylie Jenner. Mattel has seemingly accomplished what they set out to do by broadening Barbie's spectrum, but let's be real for a second: When is Ken getting a makeover?

Will we ever have playtime with Hot IG Model Ivan? When will we get to give Man Bun Mateo a blowout? Who's to say some of these new Barbies wouldn't be into Dad Bod Dareau? There are definitely moms in Williamsburg more than willing to stand in line for Hipster Holden. Just saying.

Let's hope we don't have to wait two more years to see these new and improved Kens hit the stands. We needed Bearded Bae Blaze, like, yesterday.

What do you think of Mattel's new Barbies? Tell us in the comments section below and catch a glimpse of what Dad Bod Ken could look like here. So sexy.