Andy Cohen Surprises the Queens for a Hoedown Mini-Challenge in the the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Sneak Peek

Who will turn it and who will get turned down?

Christmas came early, because we've got a juicy sneak peek of this week's RuPaul's Drag Race. Trust me, the tea is scorching right out the gate.

Ms. "Vanjie...Vanjie...Vanjiiieee" has left quite the impression on the group (and left Ru in stitches on the runway), but now the time has come for the show to go on. Let's talk about New York lookalikes Aquaria and Miz Cracker. Sure, there is a striking similarity in their looks, but is there actual copying at play? Behind the scenes, Aquaria was very vocal about the fact that she felt Cracker was always getting inspiration from her looks. The Vixen stirs by trying to force Aquaria to admit that she was bothered by their (almost) matching makeup looks. Miz Cracker gives us back story, saying the Aquaria did help her develop her makeup skills, and the two actually did a "twinning" photo shoot together back in the day. But stealing? That's just not her beat. "I just did a look that I know for a fact she's never done: it's called being on top." Oop! That was a zinger!

After the drama subsides, the queens re-enter the workroom for their mini-challenge: a hoedown judged by Ru and special guest Andy Cohen. Skirts fly, and so do wigs (this is quick drag after all) as the season 10 gals show us how to have a good ol' country time. See who takes home the crown and what the winner(s?) will be tasked with for the next challenge.

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