Twitter Is Feeling #Blessed After Hearing the Name Kim Kardashian and Kanye Chose for Their New Baby

"Saint West the type of baby to bless himself after sneezing. Then say 'thank you.'"

Two days after actually giving birth, Kim Kardashian finally announced the name of her and Kanye's new baby boy via Twitter. Outlets speculated throughout the day that the baby's middle name would be Robert, after Kim's late father, but until now, no one knew what the first name would be. Welp, now the news has broken. North West's younger brother has officially been named...

... Saint West. Not Easton, not Preston, not South (thank Yeezus). No, no, you heathens. The name of this blessed baby is Saint. And you will bow down.

Twitter already has. People have been posting their reactions to the baby's name and as to be expected, they're hilarious. You can only imagine the conversation that went down between Kim and Kanye in choosing this divinely inspired name.

Kim: "What about Messiah?"

Kanye: "Nah. Let's name him Saint."

Kim: "Kay. Just tweeted."

We are so #blessed for this news. Peep Twitter's reactions to baby Saint's new name below. What do you think of it?