From 'That Metal Show': Lemmy Busts Motormyths During High Tea

Another killer clip in our series of <i>TMS</i> moments throughout November.

Come crush a crumpet with another headbanging metal month highlight from the vaults of That Metal Show, as Motörhead madman Lemmy Kilmister sits down to High Tea with TMS co-hosts Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson.

“Tea bad,” Lemmy says of his legendary liquid leanings, “booze good!”

Lemmy also busts open various truths regarding “Motörmyths”—i.e. rumors and stories passed around regarding the band and his own maniacally metal existence.

In our latest month-long raid of the TMS vaults, Mr. Kilmisters hilariously and headbangingnigly reveals all regarding a doctor’s response to the toxicity of his blood, a prank on Testament involving a live horse, and what happened when he attempted to use a condom ("Once!").

Check out this clip and raise a cup of Earl Grey in honor of Motörhead drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, who departed this realm on November 11, 2015. Actually—smash that cup and guzzle Jack and Coke for the Philthy one! It’s what Lemmy would want you to do (seriously, in this clip, he says that's what he wants everybody to always do).

The official page for That Metal Show is always open for rocking of course. Do come on back tomorrow, as well, for another shredding blast from the TMS past.