Kim Kardashian's Boob-Heavy Book Cover Puts Us Over the Edge

Over it.

As one of the first Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans, I can confidently say that I'm over hearing about Kim Kardashian. Over her nude photo spreads, over the exploitation of her butt, and over her self-obsession.

We always knew about her unmatched narcissism, but the fact that she thinks Selfish, her upcoming book of selfies — yes, it's real — is a way to "share a decade of selfies in such an intimate & artistic way" really puts me over the edge.

Today, Kim revealed the cover of her book. The little emotional investment I had left in the reality star was wasted on wondering why the hell she chose this photo as the cover. You're a beautiful girl, Kim. So why are you channeling your inner wet dog here? Also, we know how big your boobs are (after you've shown them to the world 7,382 times), but thank you for reconfirming. If Selfish costs more than $1 that's unfortunate for everyone, considering we've been bombarded with thousands of free Kim selfies over the years. Did I mention I was over it?

Selfish is out April 28. After that, I really want to be done keeping up with Kim and her selfish ways.