Azealia Banks Thinks Rihanna Is "Lazy" and Can't Dance

The rapper has some pretty cutting words for RiRi.

Different platform, same ol' Azealia Banks.

Banks criticized Rihanna's "Work" video last month, calling it a less "fly" version of Beyoncé's "Baby Boy" visuals. Now, Banks is dissing RiRi's dancing abilities and labeling the singer as "lazy and complacent."

Banks' opinions often get written off as hate. She's come for the music industry as a whole and has beef with many artists. Is her argument fair this time around?

The rapper deleted her Twitter, but she's been actively commenting on Instagram posts about Rihanna's ANTI World Tour. The Shade Room captured a comment Banks left on a post that shows RiRi and her backup dancers voguing—a style of dance that originated in Harlem in the '80s.

"Twigs vogues way better than this. This looks reaaaaaaaaaaaaly bad," Banks wrote. She later responded to a comment on one of her own posts and said the following about Rihanna:

"It saddens me to see someone with such a huge platform just be so lazy and complacent with their craft. Just lifting styles off of other girls' backs without even putting the proper love or energy into it. Vogue is an art and it should be respected as such. It should not be used in some fake way to make yourself seem cultured."

Banks was supposed to be on Rihanna's album, according to Banks, but was apparently cut. She used to be an open fan of Rihanna's, but has since changed her mind. We know RiRi is serving risqué slay on her tour so far, but does Banks have a point? Moreover, would her words hold more weight if they were said by someone else who doesn't have a history of fiery comments?

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