Brittany DeJesus Says She's Grown Apart From Briana and Learned She May Have Another Sister

"To be perfectly honest knowing that I have a different father than her, I feel more distant then anything."

Brittany DeJesus' discovery that her biological father was not the man who raised her, and that he is deceased was one of the most emotional moments of season one of Family Therapy but now the 16 and Pregnant star is opening up to VH1. In an exclusive interview, Brittany opens up about feeling more distant than ever from her sister Briana, getting to know her father's family, and learning that she may have another sister.

What has life been like since Family Therapy wrapped last summer?

Brittany DeJesus: After filming, I was just back to my normal life [but] with new information and stuff like that. I'm slowly getting to know my dad's side of the family but I haven’t been to New York yet to meet everybody. I'm still not ready for that. I've just been staying in Florida, in my lane and whenever I feel ready I'll do that. It’s just back to my normal life: going to school, going to work, and that’s really about it.

How has your relationship with Briana improved or changed since you did therapy together?

To be perfectly honestly, I still don’t have a solid relationship with her. I just think there’s only so much you can fix at the house. There are so many years that our relationship has been like this. Dr. Jenn is a miracle worker in a sense, but once we leave her facility she's not here with us to keep us on track. It's not like we fight or anything like that, it's like she does her own thing and I do my own thing and that’s what it is. We don't fight, no bickering at each other or anything like that. I just do my own and she does her own thing and that how it has been forever. I don't think that the therapy really helped in that sense. We've been like that for so long that a short amount of time couldn't really fix it.

Do you think knowing the truth about your father brought you and Briana closer at all?

No, because when we were at the house I didn't really talk to my sister about my dad really. She probably felt like it had nothing to do with her so the only time that I felt closer to her was during a therapy session where I cried and she hugged me but that’s about it. To be perfectly honest knowing that I have a different father than her, I feel more distant then anything.

Are you still living with your her and your mom and niece?

Yeah, we all still live together.

Is it difficult for you and Briana watch the show back together?

We don’t watch the show together. I have not watched the show with her at all or with my mother. I feel like it's too dramatic and too emotional so I just don't watch it with them. I watch it by myself, like I’ll catch a rerun, or I'll watch it in my room by myself, or I’ll go to my best friend’s house and I'll watch it at my best fiend’s house. I've never seen an episode with them at all.

How has your relationship been with your mother since you completed therapy?

The minute I came back from the house I was angry so we did not get along at all. The first thing [she would] always say when we got into a little argument would be, "You didn't change. Therapy didn't f--king help you. Blah, blah, blah." And I’m just like, "Lady, chill out, I'm still trying to process everything." But I mean I'm not super close with her either. I get along with her more than I do with my sister but I feel like I'm not super close with family at all. I love them but I feel like we see things differently and I'm still processing the whole dad thing as well. So it kind of puts a little gap between my family and I.

Have you forgiven your mother for keeping this information from you for so many years?

Yes, of course I forgive my mom. I'm not a mom so I don't see how she thought she was doing good but I guess the day I have a child is the day that I’ll understand that better. I do forgive her because she’s a mom and a mom goes above and beyond to protect her children and to keep them out of harms way so I definitely forgive her. I just don’t understand her so there’s the little problem there.

Do you think her opening up to you guys about the truth has helped her?

I feel like she has a load off her chest, which I'm happy for. She doesn't have to walk on eggshells around me. I'm not saying that we're not close at all. She doesn’t feel like I’m the reason for the secret. I just feel like our personalities are different. My sister and my mother are more alike then I am. I feel like I'm probably more like my father. They’re just too much alike and I'm so different. That’s the reason why we don't get along because our personalities clash. We just don't work well with each other if I'm with them too long. If I'm not with them all the time, if there’s some days where I don’t see them for a while I get along with them perfectly fine. The minute I spend too much time with them is when we just start drifting apart and I go my way and they go their way.

Do you think there was a benefit of doing therapy with Briana? Do you think you got anything out of it?

I definitely benefited because I found out about my father and everything like that. That’s the only thing I got out of it. I kind of learned a little bit about myself and about my anger and everything like that but I feel like I've grown from that and learned about myself and where I come from and it made my whole life and my whole childhood make sense to me. Looking back when I was younger I was just so confused and lost as to why things were the way they were and now I know why they were that way. It makes sense. It makes me happy to know the truth so I’m really glad that I went and did that because my mom would have never f--king told me about my to dad if it wasn’t for us being in that house. I can guarantee you that. She would have been to scared to tell me.

Even if you don't feel close to your family, do you think Family Therapy put you on the right track to building something?

I think it got us in a better place because we don't argue as much. If I feel like I want to slap [Briana] in the face, if she pisses me off, I just walk away, go in my room, or go out with my friends. It’s not a severe as it was. The fighting has stopped. We're just not close. We're just not friends. I though we would leave the house like best friends but we didn't.

Do you feel like you and Briana could ever become best friends?

I really don't know because my sister's really about her friends and her daughter. I'm more family and even though I don't get along with them I would still go out of my way for them to try to talk to them so the future I don’t know. Maybe the day I have a kid or something we'll have something to bond over because right now we have nothing in common.

Has your mom dropped any more truth bombs on you since the show? Do you think there are more secrets she's not telling you?

I don't think my mom is holding anything from me because you have to remember that I now talk to my dad's sister and his side of the family. If there’s something that she’s holding back I know for a fact that she knows it'll come back around and bite her in the ass because I would have found out already from everyone that I've communicated with so she’s not holding anything from me. There’s [no new information] new about him. I just know that he died when he was 19 and he was a street kid in Brooklyn. There's nothing that has come to light. Lord knows what going to happen tomorrow though.

Have you seen your aunt in person since you met her on Family Therapy?

That time that I saw my aunt was the only time I've seen her but I just talked her. I don’t really talk to anybody else. I talk to my dad's younger brother once in a while. Apparently I have a sister. I just [am friends with] her ass on my Facebook but I really don't think that my sister so I really don’t try to talk to her to be honest cause we look nothing alike. Maybe I'm mean for saying that but I just don't believe it. I forgot who told me she was my sister but the only one that’s pressing the fact is my dad's younger brother. Nobody else in that family is pressing that on me to like be her friend, it's just my uncle. I feel like if he’s the only one then why should I believe that’s my sister? I’m not going to believe it. I'm not going to get close with someone’s who’s really not related to me. I only just talk to my aunt and her children. Her son is coming [to Florida] for his senior trip so I told my aunt that I was going to sneak to his hotel and kidnap him for the night and spend time with him and get to know him because right now all my relationships with them are through FaceTime. I'm going to finally meet a cousin in person in about two weeks. I’m excited because we get along perfectly fine on FaceTime and he’s a cool kid. He's really smart and he's a lot like me in the way we think so I'm excited to meet him in person and make our bond stronger.

You mentioned not being ready to come to New York to meet everyone but you are open to developing those relationships further?

Yes, of course, they're family. Not everybody because he had a big family and especially after the Family Therapy thing I have messages from every which way saying they're related to me and related to this person and I’m just like, "No."

Are you worried they're trying to use you for your fame or money?

They aren’t getting no money from me cause I'm a broke ass college student. They're not getting anything for me. It's just weird because they're like, "Oh, I am your dad's second cousin three times f--king removed or some bulls--t. I'm like, "All right, buddy." I just send them a heart emoji so they don't think I'm a b---h. The only person that I'm going to believe in my family is my aunt. If she personally introduces me to a person and tells me this who that person is then I'll be open to meeting them and talking to them but everyone that’s online coming at me? They're just getting heart emojis for now.

Have you been in touch with your stepfather who raised you?

No, I tried to call him and I know that the producers from the show tried to find him and I don't know what the f--k is going on with that man. I would love to go pop my ass up in New York and find his ass because I'm good at stalking. I'm a troll. I would love to stalk his ass and approach him but I mean, we can all dream about that s--t happening, right?

Do you know if your sister's spoken to him?

No, she has not. I don’t think she’s tried either and I'm kind of mad at her for that. I'm just like, "Bro, your dad's alive. You should try to talk to him even if it doesn't work out." Just try but I don't think she has tried. It just gets me mad because she has one that’s alive. She should take advantage of it. Some people just don't care as much as I do I guess.

Have you kept in touch with any of your housemates?

I talk to Dina [Lohan] and April [Margera], we have a group chat. I've talked to them quite a few times, anytime I think about them and miss them I'll text them. I FaceTimed with Bobby [Dash] a few weeks ago because I had some questions about the music industry and he told me to call him whenever I want. The person I talk to the most is Jeremy [Dash]. People think we're dating or that we should date.

Are you dating?

No, no, we're not dating. I love him but we're not dating but a lot of fans say Brittany and Jeremy should date. They need to be together. I'm just like, y'all tripping, y'all crazy.

What was the dynamic like with Tiffany and Sister Paterson in the house? Was what we saw of Sister Patterson what you got.

I've had my little cute moments with Tiffany. I think she’s a really sweet person. Her mom scares the s--t out of me. I would not want to step on that lady's toes because I might get my f--king soul sucked out of my body, so I’m not about it. She’s scares me and if I was her daughter I think I would feel like how Tiffany feels. She’s a big personality but I've never had a problem with her.

I can't really tell you that I think that it’s fake or real. All I can tell you is that I personally would not want my mom to like slap me on national television or talk to me or act like that towards me just for money because that is on film and that sticks around forever so if it is fake I don't understand why somebody would do that, so I do think it's real.

How was filming Family Therapy different than doing 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom 3?

Oh my god! Well, I was home and I was able to be on my cell phone and have communication with the outside world and I wasn't filmed 24/7. This was like a high-class prison. We had cameras in the f--king kitchen. Like I’m surprised they didn't want to watch me take a shower or something. It was so weird. It was so different. When I got in the house I was like, "Yo, this is intense." It was filming literally 24/7 and any move you make is going to be on camera. Like, hello, they fucking saw me stuffing my face. I had sauce on my face. They didn't have the consideration to edit that out. Thanks a lot, guys!