Janice Dickinson Goes Off When Joe Budden Says Beating Children Is Just Good Parenting

"In a black household, that's good parenting."

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Janice Dickinson has had her eye on Joe Budden for a couple weeks now, and after learning that he was accused of beating women, she wanted to get some answers from Joe this week on Couples Therapy. When she asked him if he had ever been abused as a child himself, he told her that his mom used to "beat [his] ass" and Janice thinks she's figured out the root of all his problems. "Bam, there it is," Janice says, until Joe explains, "In a black household, that's good parenting."

Janice is stunned to hear that Joe is cool with a parent beating a child since she herself is a survivor of child abuse, but Joe is upfront about his parenting style. "If my kid does something stupid, he's getting his ass beat...I definitely am with beating children."

"You're with it? Well, I'm against it, motherf---er," Janice tells him as she spits and walks away.