Nicki Minaj's Single "Come See About Me" Has Safaree Samuels In His Feelings OD

People are praying Safaree and Nicki get back together, though.

Scaff, you need a tissue or something?

Nicki Minaj dropped her fittingly-named album Queen over the weekend and it may have had her ex doing Shiggy's "In My Feelings" challenge, for real for real. After hearing the 15th track "Come See About Me," several people reached out to Safaree Samuels to take a listen, prompting him to share how he really feels about the record. Safaree since deleted his tweet, but DJ Akademiks wasted no time with that screen shot.

Safaree wrote,

Ok so y'all blew me up about come see about me so I went and listened to it and wether it's about me or not, that s--t had me crying like a b#^*h. I don't think its about me but the song is nice. I was in a perfectly fine mood b4 I heard that. Thx a lot.

Translation: KEKE...DO YOU LOVE ME?!?


In all seriousness, we can see why Safaree felt a way. Aside from dating the Pink Print princess for over a decade, the lyrics are quite telling. The chorus raps,

I’m doing good, boy/ I’m up where we belong at/ You know I’m still trying to find where we went wrong at

And she even says,

Want you to see how much I changed up/ Oooh, I just hope I’m not too late/ I know you're hesitant about it but/ I got a lot I wanna say to you/ Hate that I could never measure up/ Hate that I could never be the one you needed/ ‘Cause now I’m the one who needs you, but, baby

Hmm. Interesting. We can certainly see why Safaree was crying like a likkle, well, you know. Whether the song was about him or not, who knows what the universe holds? We all loved us some Safaree and Nicki, though, so a reunion isn't sounding too bad.


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