25 Celebrity Post-Baby Snapbacks That Will Have You Renewing Your Gym Membership

MILF does the body good!

-By Soraya Joseph

Slay bay-bay! Being a mom is quite the gift, but ask any mother and they'll tell you that their special delivery came with plenty of changes to the body. From stretch marks to excess weight gain, it's not easy birthing a baby, despite the rewards that come in the end. Not to mention that on top of that, there is hardly any time (or strength) left to hit the gym. That's why these celebrity moms are totally slaying the snapback game, and are #fitspiration for all women. From Beyoncé to Draya Michele, to Blake Lively and Kerry Washington, check out these celebrity snapbacks.

Comedian Michelle Buteau rants about the expectations of our post baby world and why celebrities should probably get used to it.