Beauty Blogger Chelsie Worthy Is Going Viral For Combining Her Love Of Makeup and Trap Music

She's making beauty fun trap song at a time.

If you've ever cruised through YouTube or Instagram searching for makeup tutorials, you know things sort of get monotonous. There's lots of blaring pop music, close ups shots of wildly expensive makeup products, and a dramatic slow motion shot glamour shot showing off the final look. Chelsie Worthy, better known on Instagram as @wvrthy, doesn't follow the status quo - and her 150,000 (and climbing) followers on Instagram are loving it.

Chelsie first began posting her "Traptorials" back in November and her clips have since gone certified viral. Rest assured these are unlike any makeup tutorials you have seen. Chelsea takes us step-by-step through her makeup routine using killer motion graphics, trap beats and top notch lip-syncing. It's a glorious thing to watch, even if you don't know the first thing about applying highlighter.

In this look, we see her slay a night time look to the sounds of Jack Harlow's "Dark Knight."

Here she is blending her beat to the sounds of Young Thug.

Talk about making makeup fun again! Chelsie blinds us with her highlight while rapping along to 21 Savage's "Rap Saved Me."

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Chelsie said the inspiration for creating Traptorials was to break away from the cookie-cutter trends in the beauty world. "The beauty industry doesn't want creators who have their own minds, creative ideas, or edge. I wanted to show girls that you don't have to conform to a standard of beauty when you can easily create your own," she told the site. "You can be unapologetically you and still considered beautiful. That doesn't take away from our beauty or mean we don't deserve recognition. That's why I created traptorials, to represent girls like me who are talented but don't fit the status quo."

Now, if you start seeing stars after viewing Chelsie's videos, it's probably because home girl just blinded you with her striking golden highlight. No, its not a brand you'll find at your nearest belongs to the traptorials creator herself! Chelsie's cosmetics company Worthy sells a line of highly popular "Stardust" illuminating powders created with women of color in mind.

If you prefer more step-by-step instructions, hop on over to Chelsie's YouTube page where you can get a more detailed view of her routines.

Love & Hip Hop's Juju and her makeup artist Jamal Scott give a tutorial on how to achieve her reunion look.