Miguel Shares His Views on the Ever-Changing Landscape of Music in This Episode of 'Playback'

While you wait for the arrival of <i>WILDHEART</i>, fill your ears with this.

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It’s been three long years since Miguel graced us with Kaleidoscope Dream, his sophomore album as ethereal as its title that brought us titillating songs like “Adorn” and “How Many Drinks?”

In more ways than one, Miguel’s career is only just starting to take off. It was his second LP — more so than his debut, All I Want Is You — that earned him a place in the alternative R&B world, a space he himself is reluctant to settle in because, as he says, he’s “in love with rock & roll.” The singer won the 2012 Grammy for Best R&B Song for “Adorn,” and is now preparing for the release of his third studio album, WILDHEART, this summer.

It feels like Miguel has been on the scene for longer than just five years. He’s already carved a hole for himself in the music world, and now, he’s working on filling it. He will. He has to. He’s determined to.

His career so far has been his “sonic memoir,” his “legacy,” and he expects it to continue as such. It’s also been a learning experience for him, the most public of which is the lawsuit he’s now facing following his 2013 Billboard Music Awards performance, in which he accidentally leg dropped two female fans.

Forging his own path has been the best way for Miguel to discover more about his music, the industry at large, and most importantly, himself. In this episode of Playback, Miguel shares his views on the ever-changing landscape of music, technology’s effect on it, and why he feels the need to create in the first place. Check out the clip above to find out more about each of these.