Who Run The World? The 15 Greatest Girl Power Anthems

Not to brag, but being a woman is pretty awesome. Especially when you have these badass chicks that got your back. Beyoncé, Mariah, Aretha? C’mon.

Ladies singers of all genres have allowed us women to feel proud of who we are and just plain fab-u-lous. Whether you’re happily taken or you're living the single life, there is no shame in rocking out to these anthems and embracing the power of being a lady! Boys, we know you can’t resist moving to these, either. It’s fine, we won’t tell. Now get a couple martinis, some friends, play these tunes and go on with your bad selves!

15. "Can’t Hold Us Down" by Christina Aguilera (ft. Lil Kim)

Xtina brought the female fire back! She and Lil Kim teamed up for an epic female empowering tune that’s still impossible to resist dancing to. Big, small, young, old- females unite! Christina and Lil Kim say so.

Greatest line: "You must talk so big, to make up for smaller things!"

14. "Whatcha Think About That” by Pussycat Dolls (ft. Missy Elliot)

About what, you may ask? Well, about pulling a fast one on your male counterpart and taking on the double standard roles of the opposite sex, of course! Staying out late, ignoring calls- two can play that game! Anymore questions?

Greatest line: "Tonight you gon’ stay home while I’m runnin’ the street!"

13. "Independent Women" by Destiny’s Child

Wanna know what we think about you, Destiny’s Child? You’re pretty damn amazing. The fabulous trio brought us this contagious theme song for independent women everywhere. Work hard, play hard, ladies! You deserve it. Throwin’ our hands up at you as we speak.

Greatest line: "I bought it, ‘cus I depend on me, if I want it!"

12. "I Look So Good (Without You)" by Jessie James

Breaking up has never been so fun! Especially when you come out of it looking and feeling better than ever… which should be every time, of course! Take a page out of Jessie James’ book and let those boys realize what they’re missing...On to the next! Keep the momentum going and listen her new song “Girls Night” from her newest EP during your pregame. It’s kind of addicting.

Greatest line: "(Duh)- I look so good without you!"

11. "***Flawless" by Beyoncé ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

This song off her newest smash album is everything. Love, marriage, careers, we can have it all, baby! And look damn good while we’re at it…Don’t forget “Run the World (Girls)”, “Grown Woman” and “Irreplaceable.” Basically everything Yoncé does is amazingly female fierce.

Greatest line: I woke up like dis!

10. "Respect" by Aretha Franklin

From the original queen of soul, seven simple letters became not only a motto, but a way of life. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, baby! No one would mess with Aretha and they sure as hell can’t mess with us! Preach girl!

Greatest line: "Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what? So is my money!"

9. "Conceited" by Remy Ma

Let’s not beat around the bush, here. We’re hot and we know it! Why stop there? Miraculous. Phenomenal. You name it. Remy Ma knows she’s hot and isn’t ashamed. Feeling good and you know it? You’re allowed! Work, girl!

Greatest line: "Look at yourself in the mirror like…damn, I look good!"

8. "No Scrubs" by TLC

In 1999, the fabulously fierce TLC taught us to never settle. That means no boys that live at home with their mama. Or hang out of their best friend’s car. No matter how you slice it, this checklist is necessary. Yes son, we’re talkin’ to you.

Greatest line: "I’m lookin’ like class and he’s lookin’ like trash, can’t get with no deadbeat ass!"

7. "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain

Let’s go girls! The juxtapositions in this song are just TOO good, and remind us how amazing it is to let loose and be our fun, flirty, awesome selves. Man shirts, short skirts…we can rock it all! Men wouldn’t look as good in short skirts, anyway.

Greatest line: "The best thing about bein’ a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun!"

6. "Stronger" by Britney Spears

Brit Brit’s loneliness ain’t killin’ her no more! And although we miss the pigtails and schoolgirl outfits, we love her so much more this way. Caution: do not try this solo chair dance at home. Or do, because it’s awesome.

Greatest line: "I’ve had enough, I’m not your property as from today baby!"

5. "Obsessed" by Mariah Carey

Mimi asks a legitimate question and puts loser men all over the world in their place. You don’t deserve our affection unless we want to give it to you. Ya heard? Shout out to the Napoleon complex reference- classic!

Greatest line: "Finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress, last man on the earth still couldn’t get this!"

4. "Goodbye" by Kristina DeBarge

Na-na-na-na, Hey-hey-hey! Is your dude a bum? Get him outta here! Rock a new do and ‘tude while you’re at it… and tada, a whole new you! Watch out boys…

Greatest line: "Am I supposed to be torn apart, broken-hearted in a corner cryin’? Pardon me, if I don’t show it!"

3. "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmine Sullivan

Mess with us and we’ll take a rock to your car. Break our heart and we’ll break your windshield. Potayto, potahto. Did you think we were kidding?...

Greatest line: "You know I did it ‘cus I left my mark, wrote my initials with the crowbar."

2. "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson

We love Keri’s confidence boosting tune, not only because of its proud-to-be-female theme, but because it demands that women stop hating on each other too! What’s that, Keri? Don’t hate, jealousy’s the ugliest trait? TRUTH!

Greatest line: "I’m so very fly, oh my, it’s a little bit scary!"

1. "Wannabe" by Spice Girls

It’s hard to think of the pop phenomenon known as the Spice Girls without remembering their iconic slogan…”Girl Power!” In a fun and playful approach, they message one timeless ideal: hoes before bros! Girl power, British flags and peace signs all around!

Greatest line: "If you really bug me then I’ll say good-bye!"