Barry Fouray Suffers a Drug Overdose as the Odds Stack Against Him on 'The Breaks'

Things are going from bad to worse.

Pretty much everyone's future on The Breaks is looking bleak, especially Barry Fouray's. The life of the usually cool and composed music exec seems to be spiraling out of control after a horrible past few weeks. Let's do a quick rundown of all the things causing major drama in Barry's life. There's that incriminating Village Voice story that reveals the behind the scenes struggles at Fouray Management. Then there's a major lawsuit related to the fatal shooting at one of his shows that left four people dead (including Nikki's boyfriend David). Oh yeah, he had to fire Nikki in the midst of all that. So one could understand why Barry has been on his worst behavior after all that. During one of his infamous house parties, Barry's drug and alcohol binging leads to an accidental overdose. This is a new low for the hip hop honcho.

Will Barry make it? Watch the highlight above!

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