Check Yourself: Jason Lee and Lil Brandi Don't Feel Bad At All For Putting Moniece Through This Sex Tape Debacle

"You should be disgusted at your actions, little girl."

Jesus be a Swiffer Wetjet 'cause this keeps getting messier.

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Jason Lee and Lil Brandi are cold as ice when looking back at tonight's episode in this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. As Moniece expresses to her sex tape co-star that she is "genuinely disgusted" with him, Lil Brandi can't help but be genuinely petty. She still steady feels that Moniece has brought all this drama on herself and Jason agrees. In fact, he goes onto say that Mo Mo should be shook because her sex tape is apparently a really juicy receipt.

On the other side of Hollywood, Safaree and Lyrica are hella relieved that Pam and Lyrica G were able to hug it out but A1 ain't feeling it. It's all kumbaya now, but he is certain his mommas will be at each others' necks again.

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