Jessie J Wants Us to See Her on the Same Level as Aretha Franklin, Apparently

Bang, bang, I'm so confused.

Let me say this right off the bat: I'm a low-key Jessie J stan. I basically dislocated my hip last week dancing to "Domino," and "Burnin' Up" is the only reason I drag my lazy ass to the gym. Lady J is, without a doubt, a talented performer and good singer. Buuuut is she on par with Aretha Franklin? Whitney Houston? Celine Dion?

That seems to be the bizarre question pop fans are asking in light of Jessie's recent interview with Women’s Health, where she said America considers her one of the "greatest singers" (?) and that she'd like to reach icon status one day. "I want to be up there with the Celine Dions, Whitneys, Beyoncés, and Arethas … I go hard because I hope and pray that one day people look back and go, ‘She could really f—king sing.'"

Bang, bang, I'm so confused. Yes, a legion of other gay men and I love Jessie, but where is this universal praise she claims is happening in the States? What underground music scholars are dubbing her vocal royalty? I can't think of any...

And also...Whitney? Whitney?! Jessie is great, but her benchmarks seem a little ridiculous. When she brings Americans to tears singing the "Star Spangled Banner," then we can talk. Briefly. We do appreciate her confidence, though. She definitely tried it.

But we're not taking the bait.