'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Sneak Peek: Charmaine 'Thinks' She's Starring in a Movie With Waka Flocka, Little Does She Know She's Just an Extra

Shorty should be in the extras holding area...

Charmaine hears the words "starring role" and "Waka Flocka" and thinks she can begin a career as an actress, but she's not quite as ready as she thought for her closeup, Mr. DeMille.

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In the Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek, an excited Charmaine is highly anticipating her movie debut. Already diva-like, Charmaine can't wait to begin filming with Waka Flocka Flame on a project interestingly called Mollywood. Since getting a personal request from the director himself, Charmaine pulls up with her glam squad ready to work. Ten seconds in, she's already disrupting the set with "your star is here"-like announcements. Given that her role is "bar maid," shorty should be in the extras holding area. She needs to turn her goofy down because she only has thirty minutes for hair and makeup. Ain't no "own trailer." Charmaine is annoyed to discover she doesn't have her own space to get fleeky. Is this movie going straight to DVD? Because from what Nikki can tell, this isn't as poppin' as she thought it would be.

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