New Jersey Metalhead Photobombs Local News Reporter During A Snowstorm

A severe snowstorm hit the East Coast earlier this week, one that could be described by our metal brethren as a Blizzard of Ozz. As is the case in extreme weather situations like this, a local news channel sent a reporter and a cameraperson out into the streets to show viewers at home what Mother Nature is capable of. What followed, though, is what Metal Sucks is describing as The Most Metal Photobomb of All-Time.

On Wednesday night, the local ABC affiliate sent one of the members of their Eyewitness News Team out onto the snowy streets of Belmar, NJ for a quick on-air hit. As the reporter dredged around the snow, a (possibly toasted) metalhead suddenly wandered into frame. Or, more accurately, made his way from the darkness on the edge of town towards the light of the camera. Somehow, he instinctively knew that the camera was in the middle of a live shot, so he put his best air guitar moves on display and rocked the F*CK out! Wherever you are tonight, friendo, we're going to raise a glass to your epic air guitar antics. Here's hoping that you stay frosty!