Stevie Jr. Gets A Lesson From King Sleazo On How To Get Ladies On His Bus in the Leave it to Stevie' Sneak Peek

"Its all about the confidence. You gotta be sleazy but not too sleazy."

'Cause you know Stevie always has the ladies on his bus (enter rat face here).

Stevie J shows his son just how sleazy one must be to get a lady's phone number in this Leave it to Stevie sneak peek. When it comes to women, Stevie Jr. isn't exactly a ladies man, so who better to help him out than daddy dearest? While in the gym, Stevie tells his young protégé that it's important to be sleazy, but not too sleazy when approaching a girl. In his first attempt, Stevie Jr. foolishly tells shorty on the machine all the wrong things and naturally she curves him. He goes on to the next, comes correct, and is finally able to bag a young woman on the treadmill.

All Stevie has to do now is get his body right for Faith Evans. Don't miss an all new Leave it to Stevie, next Monday at 9/8c!