How These Interracial Couples Met Really Proves That Love is a Funny Thing

"It wasn't <em>exactly</em> a one night stand. More like a one-and-a-half night stand."

-By Soraya Joseph

Started in the DM's now we're here!

Recently we sat down with four interracial couples who gave their hilarious flashbacks on how they met. While one partner was convinced that their spouse was a witch, another more daring duo admits that their "happily ever after" started off as a hot hookup.

Michelle: We met at this really cool dance lounge in Williamsburg. He got me drunk, we hooked up. And then we just kept in touch. It was supposed to be a one night stand. Don't judge me!

Gijs: But we sealed the deal the next day, so it wasn't exactly a one night stand. More like a one-and-half night stand.

Michelle: Right! And now we're married, forever.

From down in the DM's to love at first second sight, these couples know a thing or two about finding love in a (seemingly) hopeless place. Check out how these colorful personalities not only met, but managed to stay together.