Roccstar Reveals That He Too Has a Dirty Little Secret Involving Lyrica in the 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Sneak

"Ray J is trying to replace A1 with Roccstar—that's just not something I'm rocking with."

This may not be good...

Now that Ray J "is not f---ing with A1," he's ready to throw him out of the squad in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek. Solo thinks Roccstar as an addition to the team is sus, especially since Lyrica and the newbie seemed pretty close the last time he was around them. Solo "stands by [his] guy A1," and so does Marcus who's also not rocking with the replacement. After being gang gang for about 10 seconds, Roccstar says that he "doesn't want to reveal what's going on with Lyrica." With a whole table in front of him, Marcus is going to need Roccstar to lay out some details 'cause, what's tea?

Sidebar: Ray J's sitting there looking like the bad kid in school who used to try not to laugh before his classmate fell for his prank.

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