Watch What Happens When Musicians Forget Their Own Lyrics In Front Of A Zillion People


Remembering is an art. When I'm first meeting someone, I almost immediately forget his or her name. Sometimes when I'm baking, I forget that I left the oven on. Hell, remember Mackenzie Foy in Twilight? We swear people forgot about her for three whole years, turned around, and realized she's all grown up.

Singers are just like you and me. They fall prey to the mind's shortcomings and forget. Some forget to wear clothes, others forget to shave their armpits. More still forget the lyrics to their own songs, and it's kind of amazing when they do.

Watch what happens when these 12 major artists forget their own lyrics in the videos below.

Miley Cyrus on "Fly On The Wall"

She may have messed up the second verse, but Miley recovered with FERVOR.

Katy Perry on "Ur So Gay"

Katy didn't forget the word "penis," though.

Adele on "Chasing Pavements"

I was here for this. It was glorious.

Mariah Carey on "Always Be My Baby"

Not phased. Not one bit.

Mariah Carey on "Fantasy"


Jay Z on his "No Church In The Wild" verse

Hov was preaching until, suddenly, ~he wasn't~.

Elvis Presley on ... multiple occasions.

Boing boing boing.

Jessica Simpson on "Come On Over"

The struggle was real.

P!nk on "I Don't Believe You"

Someone hand P!nk a drink.

P!nk on "Family Portrait"

Make that two.

Beyonce on "Get Me Bodied"

Like a true Beyonce would, she picked up right where she left off.

Idina Menzel on "For Good" from Wicked

Proving she's so beyond those days. Wicked forever, though.

Demi Lovato on "Don't Forget"

The irony!

Jason Mraz on "1000 Things"

He'll admit it, he'll admit it.