Mimi Has to Stop the Drama Between Ty and Stevie J Before It Ruins Her Relationship In This 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Sneak Peek

"I don't want him to be the reason our relationship don't work."

Stevie J has managed to find himself in the middle of Mimi's relationship with Ty, and if he doesn't quit, Ty might just leave the situation all together.

After getting into it with Stevie on social media, Ty isn't ready to let it go. She is tired of Stevie acting like he has any kind of authority over Mimi or their daughter Eva. In Ty's own words, "You don't pay child support, you don't call and check on your daughter, the only time you want to see her is when you've got to work. Like, no!"

She's worried that all of this drama is putting a strain on her relationship with Mimi, which is otherwise pretty strong. "I don't want him to be the reason our relationship don't work," she tells Mimi. Mimi understand's Ty's frustration--no one knows how Stevie can get under your skin better than her--but she also thinks that someone has to let it go, otherwise it will actually ruin their relationship. In the end, she decides she has to go confront Stevie J herself.

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