ICYMI: Karen King Says the Beef With Tommie Began When She Threatened to Kill, Chop Up, and Piss on KK's Dog

"It's a shame that it did went to left like that."

Lawd, Tommie and KK got some real beef brewing as we learn a dinner party at Momma Dee's house led to doggy death threats.

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In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, Tommie Lee only wanted a mother/daughter relationship to play out on TV like Rasheeda/Sirleen, Momma Dee/Scrappy, but she didn't get that when she brought her mother Samantha A.K.A Finess on the show. Tommie Lee came from a life she isn't necessarily proud of and attributes the fact that she stopped boosting to KK. Karen King couldn't be at the reunion, but she comes at former faux daughter-in-law via satellite letting fans know that them Tommie tears are all an act. S--t goes left from there 'cause, where else will it go and government names are dropping faster than on a WIC application. The arguing back-and-forth gets too crazy for Tommie to even keep filming on the reunion stage and KK explains the exact moment their relationship went downhill. After filming the mother scene at Momma Dee's house, everyone is shocked to hear Tommie allegedly sent KK messages threatening to kill her dog, spread the remains on Ms. King's grave, and would proceed to piss on it. Subs thrown on the 'gram escalated the situation and at this point, KK feels Tommie owes her a "thank you" for joining the Love & Hip Hop franchise to begin with.

Oh and if you didn't see the shade that brought this to another level, the Shade Room captured Tommie's rant.

And KK had time that day, like almost an hour's worth.

It's tew much and they rode with one another way too long to even play about snitching. Georgia is finito so make room for Cali. Don't miss the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, next Monday at 8/7c!