This Is The End: The 10 Most Devastating Band Breakups Of All Time

LCD Soundsystem


Destiny's Child


The White Stripes

Talking Heads

The Clash

The Smiths

Guns N' Roses

The Beatles

Like the great poet Neil Sedaka once said, breaking up is hard to do. It's bad enough with couples in love, but when a band splits up, everyone suffers. Sure there's always some solo stuff to look forward to, but it's always lame (let's be honest). The magical blend of your now-defunct favorite band is gone forever...and it's hard, man!

Sometimes band members tragically pass away before their time and the band cannot continue. This is also devastating, but understandable. There are plenty of still-living groups who go on "temporary hiatus" before eventually kissing and making up, while others succumb to the temptation of massive paychecks (not to mention public pressure) to reunite for overblown reunion tours. Still, there a few beloved bands out there who've stayed true to their word and stayed apart. Sure, there might be the odd one-off mini set for a TV special or an awards show, but otherwise the music they created belongs strictly to the past.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder -as the old saying goes- and the legend of these great groups continue to grow with each passing year that they DON'T regroup. Head on up to the gallery above to see our picks for 10 bands that totally shattered our music-loving heart by breaking up.

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