Did Rick Ross + Lira Galore Fake Their Breakup To Promote His "Sorry" Video?

This joke was NOT funny.

I think we all just got punk'd. Today, Rick Ross' new video for "Sorry" dropped and it stars his fiancee' Lira Galore. Now, I could be completely paranoid, but the fact that the couple just so happened to also reconcile today is suspect AF.

It's doesn't take a genius to connect the dots and realize that we all (probably) just got duped. Think about it. In the first verse of "Sorry," Rick raps, "She packed her bags and left me home, and I'm still hurting." Ummm, hello?! That's the exact way the media reported Lira and Rick's split.

Weeks ago TMZ reported the two had a huge argument that  "was serious enough that Lira moved her stuff out of Rozay's Georgia mansion."

I'm not cool with these shenanigans, Rick. Here I was feeling all sad about the end your relationship. Little did I know that you were playing me--and millions of your other fans--like a Wii. You should be the one that's sorry.

Watch the video and decide for yourself...while I try to get out of my feelings.