The Models Are Drippin' in Gold and Trying to #BreakTheInternet in This 'ANTM' Highlight

And they did it all alongside male models.

This week on America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks tasked the contestants with a sexy, glitter-filled, photo shoot that would #BreakTheInternet. But because you know TyTy needs to add a twist to her challenges, she invited some male models to set.

In previous seasons, models have fallen victim to the ~*hot*~ male models. Don't you remember Shandi from Cycle 2? She had a ~*tryst*~ with one of the male models and had to call her boyfriend to tell him that she cheated.

Or Nnenna from Cycle 6, who kissed a male model on a shoot and was 100% unapologetic when it came to explaining it to her boyfriend.

Yeah, I was expecting a little more of that and instead I got this very G-Rated moment:

Which had Tyra like:

I mean, fair enough that these girls were trying to be "professional" and "not kiss the models" but I would have appreciated a little heat, dang it!

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