The 10 Greatest Reality Shows About Modeling

Here at VH1, we love reality TV shows. From our own programming, which includes Love and Hip Hop, to the world of Bravo and all those in between. While reality shows vary in concept and theme, one genre that always delivers is modeling. Ever since Tyra Banks strutted down the runway to announce who would be America's next top model, we've been addicted to shows that go behinds the lens of fashion. The shows on our list of favorites cover everything from finding the freshest face to running a modeling agency. While some are better than others, all deliver and drama, excitement and tons of hair weave. Also: Naomi Campbell.

Remember when Banks was a model and not just the host of America's Next Top Model? Revisit 2005 when she formally stepped down from modeling after walking her final Victoria's Secret runway show. Now who is up for a marathon of ANTM?

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